APEXI Flameout Delay Device/Power Modification Part APEXI Turbo Car Delay Flameout/Turbo Protector

Series Flameout Delay Device
Model BOV012
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Apexi Original box Red/Blue/White LED Light Turbo Timer

Product Specification

Material: ABS

Size: 10.5x7.5x2.5cm

Gross weight: 200g

Box size: 52 Å 26 Å 38.5CM, 50 pieces per box

Installation time: 45-60 minutes

Installation: Only for professional personnel to install

Working temperature: -20 ° C? 60'c (-4 to 140'F)

Japanese Apexi delayed flameout/turbocharged engine protector

Backlight: red light, blue light, white light

Delayed flameout device - Product description:

In addition to having a general delayed flameout function, it can also display voltage, oxygen content O2, and air-fuel ratio A/F. When paired with S-AFC or V-AFC, the entire fuel supply curve can be adjusted based on A/F data. Child mother separation type, ultra compact size, can be placed in any position at will

Applicable to LED list

Digital timer function:

Manual mode (0-10 minutes)

Memory mode # 1 (1-touch, 1-minute setting)

Memory Mode 2 (1-touch, 3-minute setting)

Battery voltage display: compatible with all Turbo timer wiring harnesses

Battery voltage

Peak indication

On/off warning function

Delayed flameout - turbo car:

It can double the ignition energy, prevent abnormal spark plug jumping, greatly improve the combustion efficiency of the engine, and enable more complete combustion of fuel, saving a certain amount of fuel consumption. When used in conjunction with high-performance spark plugs, it can significantly improve the power output of the engine!

The principle of the turbo shutdown delay device:

When the turbine is activated, it will generate extremely high temperatures. If the vehicle stalls immediately after driving, rapid cooling can have a certain degree of impact on the damage to the turbine. In addition, the rotating floating bearings of the impeller inside the turbine are sprayed with engine oil to prevent wear, lubrication, and heat dissipation. Immediate shutdown after parking will cause the oil supply to stop immediately, while the bearings still rotate at high speed due to inertia. In this way, the lifespan of bearings will be greatly reduced, and the lifespan of turbines will also be reduced. Therefore, when driving a turbocharged vehicle, it is recommended to let the engine run at idle for an additional 3-5 minutes before stalling. If you find this action time-consuming and troublesome, it is recommended to install a delayed stalling device, allowing this timing device to perform the 3-5 minute task for you. Generally speaking, installing a delayed ignition device will not have any adverse effects on the vehicle's wiring.

Delayed flameout device introduction:

Delayed flameout is a device that protects turbocharged engines. Vehicles with original turbocharged engines usually have this type of device, but some vehicles equipped with turbocharged engines need to install this device separately.

Delayed flameout - Technical description:

Because the exhaust gas turbine is driven by the exhaust gas emitted by the engine to rotate at high speed and generate turbocharging, its speed can reach tens of thousands of revolutions when the vehicle is running. If the engine suddenly stalls, it may damage the turbine. The delayed flameout device slowly lowers the high-speed rotating impeller to normal speed, and then stalls, thereby protecting the turbine!