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Product Detail
Horticulture LED Grow lights T8 10W 2ft 
Product Detail
Module: IN-T8-HGL-600B03 Type: LED Horticulture Lights
Voltage: 100-277V AC Power: 10W
CCT: 1:1 - 9:1 Lumen: goodbulb
PF: 0.9 CRI: 80Ra
Product Description

LED Power: 10W
Material:AL+milky or frosted or transparent PC
Transmittance: ≥92%
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Factor: 0.95~0.98
Ambient Temperature: -20°C~45°C
Surface Temperature: 42°C ~ 45°C
LED: SMD2835 60pcs
Input Voltage: 100-277V
Warranty:5 years

The aluminum body is 230g weight. Heavy weight aluminum body is good for heat radiating.
Good cooling design. 30 ℃ working temperature and Power on 2 hours, the temperature of solder point is about 50 ℃.    

PC cover with Samsung material. Good quality and no yellow for 5 years.

High heat radiating FR4 board.
Lead-free solder paste

Unique driver. This driver is ETL certify, run for more than 5 years.
the driver is mature and widely used in our T8 led tube for 5 years warranty.
Little failure ratio less than 0.1%.
Top quality IC inside. IC is the key component of the driver.
Aihua capacitance, 105℃ 12000hours


Carton size:66x22x22cm
Gros weight:7kgs

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